Our goal is to drive an active convening agenda, working with partners on sourcing and branding practices, and creating field level impact to make living income and climate resilience the norm and to ensure a rebalancing of risk and value distribution in coffee supply chains.
This ambitious goal cannot be achieved by working in isolation. IDH Coffee Program has always worked in partnerships; from the Sustainable Coffee Program to being a founding member of the Global Coffee Platform, an active collaboration that exists until today, and through a partnership with the International Coffee Organization. In collaboration IDH Coffee Program supports bringing together the public and private sector partners towards a common vision for the sector.
We actively seek to partner with the coffee sector to look for new and innovative business models, that rethink what sourcing structures look like and challenge the current risk and value distribution in the coffee supply chain, to ensure better farmer incomes. All this to ensure coffee farmers have a decent standard of living and earn a living income.

Vision 2025

A world in which all coffee farming households earn at least a living income, where risk and value are distributed fairly throughout the supply chain and where coffee is a thriving part of a healthy ecosystem.

IDH work on Living Income in Coffee

IDH is actively supporting the coffee sector in engaging to move toward practices that contribute more effectively to Living Incomes. The Taskforce on Coffee Living Income worked on a fact-based exploration of sourcing and pricing models and how they can be effective strategies to close living income gaps. Colombia was the country of focus. Read the executive summary of this report here and the full version here.

We are furthering this work in Colombia in collaboration with the Community of Interest in Coffee in Switzerland and SECO, by building a long-term outlook on human rights due diligence through a focus on closing living income gaps in the Swiss Coffee Program.

In Kenya and Uganda, together with partners such as the national coffee platforms of the GCP and the IKEA Foundation, we create and/or strengthen a multi-stakeholder approach towards integrating living income into the coffee sector and to improve coffee farmer income resilience through integration of regenerative agriculture and blended services to diversified farming systems.

This work follows and contributes to insights for IDH’s living income work. Go here for more information on IDH’s living Income Roadmap.


  • Global Coffee Platform (GCP)

    GCP and IDH share a common vision of a thriving, sustainable coffee sector which implies the expectation of farmers’ prosperity based on closing the living income gaps.

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  • International Coffee Organization (ICO)

    The ICO, as a representative of the coffee producing and consuming governments, is an important partner to IDH.

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  • Community of Interest for Coffee in Switzerland (CIC Switzerland)

    With the CIC and SECO, IDH Coffee Program is working on a program to address human rights due diligence through closing living income gaps.

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  • Always open to new partnerships

    Creating change can never be done in isolation. Therefore, we are always open for new partnerships.

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We work with many private sector partners in the coffee sector


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