Terms of Reference: “Promoting low emission coffee production for smallholders’ income improvement”

As part of the project “Promoting low emission coffee production for smallholders’ income improvement” – funded by IDH, JDE and implemented by Simexco in Dak Lak province, Vietnam since 2021 – IDH is looking for a party to execute the following assignment, which involves three key objectives:

  1. Upgrade the existing carbon calculation tool & methodology used by the Simexco team. Currently, it relies on the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) and other Excel-based tools.
  2. Assist the Simexco team in using the newly developed carbon calculation tool & methodology to conduct the carbon footprint assessment for selected supply chains from December 2022 to December 2023.
  3. Develop a mechanism for Simexco to claim and commercialize lower carbon emission coffee to its customers, along with an associated benefit-sharing scheme.

The project’s main aim is to contribute to better income for smallholder coffee producers and climate change adaptation through regenerative agriculture. Intervention activities have been tailor-made based on soil, climate, and crop characteristics, market requirements and the capability of implementing partners. The projects has been designed into four work packages: (1) promoting service delivery models to cooperatives and farmers organizations for better soil care, better pesticide and weed management, (2) promoting sustainable production through regenerative agricultural practices, (3) promoting purchasing mechanism and supply linkage to enable a large scale responsible sourcing scheme with differentiated price mechanism, and (4) exploring potential pathways for a low-emission coffee supply chain to contribute to improving farmer incomes, while contributing to roaster’s carbon emission reduction commitment. This assignment will contribute to the fourth work package.


The proposal must be submitted to Mr Hung Nguyen, Senior Program Officer at: hungnguyen@idhtrade.org and Mrs Le Thi Hoai Thu, Communication Officer, Simexco at: hoaithu@simexcodl.com.vn before November 25th 2023 at 08.00 (GMT+7). 


Questions regarding the assignment or the ToR can be submitted until October 28th 2023 GMT+7, by e-mail to hungnguyen@idhtrade.org and hoaithu@simexcodl.com.vn with the express mention: “Promoting low emission coffee production for smallholders’ income improvement”.


See the ToR below for more information. Please note that the Terms of Reference below is in a different template than the one originally published on 23 October 2023. The content has not been changed.

IDH-SMC Terms of Reference

Annex 1 – Letter of Assignment

Annex 2 – IDH General terms and conditions for Services

Annex 3 – Statement of acceptance