Jordy van Honk

Global Director Living Wage and Living Income

Jordy van Honk works as global director Living Wage and Living Income at IDH. In this role, he works closely with strategic partners and colleagues that work on the IDH Living Wage and Living Income Roadmaps, and within different sectors and landscapes.

Jordy is part of the management team at IDH. Over the past years he has been part of many leading initiatives on living wage and living income, including the Malawi Tea 2020 program (as Chair of the Steering Committee), the Dutch retail bananas commitment, the Taskforce for Coffee Living Income and living income initiatives in cocoa including the Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (DISCO) and Beyond Chocolate.

Jordy holds a Master degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam. Before joining IDH in 2010, Jordy worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Government of The Netherlands in its industry and trade department.