IDH supports businesses to forge the missing link between procurement and sustainability for an integrated business agenda.

An integrated business agenda can make more impact than siloed business efforts towards sustainability.

Often in a business, sustainability is integrated in a segregated way. We see Finance and Operations departments investing in ESG and compliance, whilst Supply Chain Officers invest in traceability and transparency, and in parallel, Sustainability departments invest in improving livelihoods, gender equality and climate resilience to contribute to the Social Development Goals.

Procurement and sustainability departments need to be anchored by the same sustainability targets to make real progress.

This fragmented approach (much like a silent disco, with different departments tuned into their own channels) means companies leave money at the table and miss out on business opportunities. IDH’s research into an integrated business agenda can help companies on their way to connecting siloed departments, to accelerate positive outcomes for livelihoods, climate and gender and benefit business.

Sutainability and Procurement

A key opportunity for businesses to jump-start their transition towards an integrated business agenda is through procurement practices

Learn how your business can already start making impact

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  • Playbook: Integrating Social and Environmental Sustainability
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Procurement Framework

IDH is working on a procurement framework which will include practical guidance for procurement officers to drive action. This framework will be validated by procurement teams in the coming months. Sign up to receive news on its progress.


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