Rewriting the Sustainability Playbook to Integrate Social and Environmental Agendas

Explore how Mars and IDH partnered with Forum for the Future to commission research that explores how companies can better integrate environmental and social agendas.

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In the face of interconnected global crises, a fragmented approach to sustainability and human rights is often inefficient and not wide-reaching enough to create enough impact and achieve market transformation goals. At IDH, we believe that an integrated agenda can accelerate individual company action, and linked partnerships can transform individual islands of success into collective solutions that can create impact at scale. We hope this report provides a practical guide to help companies start that journey.

Ruchira Joshi, Global Director – Agricommodities, IDH (more info)

We are witnessing our climate and natural world undergo widespread changes. These increasingly severe, frequent and widespread shifts are exacerbating and being exacerbated by social issues such as poverty, gender inequity, poor nutrition and global inequality. Our environmental and social challenges are both interconnected and complex, and there is a need to respond to them by raising the ambition of our work in sustainability, and integrating environmental and social considerations into everything we do. This report is intended to help make this integration a reality

Dr Sally Uren, Forum for the Future’s Chief Executive

In order to make progress and tackle environmental and social challenges, we must embed sustainability into our strategy and way of doing business. We must help executives, employees and informed consumers understand why and how it’s important to develop socially and economically while reducing impacts on the natural environment. At Mars, we recognize there is so much more to be done, but the world can’t wait. We must push for progress and accelerate action to better integrate our climate and social strategies and impacts.

Lisa Manley, Global Vice President of Sustainability, Mars

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