Podcast: Monitoring responsible soy through collaboration

Slowly but surely, European commitments for using responsible and conversion-free soy are becoming concrete, as we can see in the 3rd European Soy Monitor that was recently launched. But what does responsible and conversion-free soy actually mean and how is uptake calculated in a commodities environment where transparency is lacking?

In the new Sustainable Trade Podcast episode, Guilherme do Couto Justo, Program Manager of Soy at IDH spoke with Heleen van den Hombergh, Senior Advisor and Convener for Sustainable Agrocommodities at IUCN Netherlands, Coordinator of the Dutch Soy Platform and CSI – the Collaborative Soy Initiative, and Doutzen Wagenaar, Sustainable Agriculture Expert at Schuttelaar & Partners in order to get the expert insight on the challenges and progress made in the sustainability of soy for a more transparent supply chain.

To see the data in-depth, read the recent Soy Monitoring Report 2019.

IDH Sustainable Trade Podcast · Monitoring responsible soy through collaboration