IDH Promotes Sustainable Change in Africa’s Textile and Apparel Industry at Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week 2023

Between November 3rd and 6th, IDH took centre stage at the Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week (ASFW) 2023. With a focus on engaging key stakeholders within the textile and apparel industry, IDH showcased its IN Sustainable Textile and Apparel Parks (INSTEP) programme.

Throughout the event, IDH played a pivotal role, leading insightful discussions and introducing initiatives to advance sustainable practices within the industry.

In a panel discussion on ‘Trade and Global Competitiveness for the Textile and Apparel sector in Africa’, Jenny Löfbom, IDH Country Director – Kenya, emphasised on the need for African manufacturers to highlight their unique selling propositions and sustainability globally through proactive communications.  With a strategic vision, she underscored IDH’s commitment to support this initiative by convening stakeholders, and empowering manufacturers to effectively communicate their sustainability efforts on the global stage.

Wondwosen Zeleke, Programme Manager at IDH, moderated a panel dedicated on enhancing job prospects within the industry. The discussions involved representatives from ILO, GAIN, Industrial Parks, and manufacturers, who discussed topics such as wages, working conditions, and the essential role played by workers’ cooperatives, all instrumental in shaping improved employment opportunities within the sector.

The discussions revolved around driving systemic change towards sustainability, improving working conditions, and fostering sustainable growth within the sector.

In the exhibition area, the IDH team spotlighted the INSTEP program. INSTEP, designed to elevate textile and apparel production by instituting significant and enduring systemic changes within Industrial Parks, attracted substantial attention and engaged industry professionals positively. We also invited IPDC, Hawassa Industrial Park, TAL Apparel Limited, HELA apparel holdings, Injo Apparel, and Jeilo Collections, who are in the industrial parks we work with in Ethiopia and Kenya, to join us at the booth, emphasising collective commitment towards building a sustainable textile and apparel sector in Africa.

The discussions and collaborations underscored our ongoing commitment to fostering positive and sustainable changes within Africa’s textile and apparel industry. IDH continues to invite organisations for ongoing conversations, potential collaborations, and the inception of further initiatives aimed at propelling sustainability within the textile and apparel sector.