Our aim

We study companies sourcing from and providing services to smallholders. By applying a standardized, data-driven, business model approach our aim is to:

  • Convene private and public sector towards mutually beneficial outcomes by introducing a common language and process around smallholder development
  • Showcase what works where and why by creating comparability between smallholder business models across value chains and geographies to facilitate learning and innovation​​ and direct investment
  • Crowd-in private and financial sector by seeing smallholder development as a business and work towards more effective, efficient, and investable models for impact at scale

Our approach

Our holistic approach allows companies to inform their smallholder strategy and business plan, and funders and investors to identify opportunities to deploy their funds for maximum smallholder impact. It valued by many of our partner as it is:

  • Smallholder focused: we specialize in analysing the impact companies have on the profitability, cashflows and livelihoods of smallholder farmers and families
  • Data-informed: we have learned from 120+ smallholder business models. As our database grows we can provide increasingly relevant insights and advice
  • Broadly applicable: our modular approach allows us to apply the same analysis to different types of companies, value chains, farmers segments and impact areas, catering to varying audience’s needs

Scope of a each analysis

With each SDM Analysis we provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s sourcing and services delivery model to smallholder farmers.

First we map the company’s smallholder strategy and business model. Then, we assess the viability: the business case for both smallholder farmer and company. Finally, we identify opportunities to improve the inclusiveness and resilience of the model. Here, we look at the households’ gender equality, food security, and climate resilience and the company’s digital maturity, organizaitonal capacity and investment readiness

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